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A coupon is an item with a specified value. That value is redeemable in the form of a discount off your purchases. Some are redeemable for any discount say 10% or 15% off your final purchase, while others entitle you to free shipping. Please read your coupon carefully to determine its specific value.
It is essentially a special link to a retailer's website. They can be identified on eCouponsinfo.in by the phrase "Click to Redeem". Unlike an online coupon code where you have to type in a promotional code at the time of checkout for a discount to be assessed, using the special discount link will automatically deduct the coupon's value from your final bill.
The newsletter will also inform you about our special campaigns. Depending on the time of year, we have special deals and promotions for Holi, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Diwali, Christmas, New Year and many more. Besides offering discount coupons specific to different stores, we group some of these sensational deals to offer you more variety when it comes to finding gifts in these special days.
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When you're finished shopping, go to the checkout page. Enter the promotional code. There should be a box containing your itemized bill. Check over the numbers and confirm that the discount was taken.
All sorts of different people with different levels of computer knowledge use online shopping and online discounts every day. Online coupons are extremely easy to use, and eCouponsinfo.in only makes it easier. Simply find the coupon you want, and type in the promotional code or click on the appropriate discount link. After you've done it once or twice, you'll feel like an online shopping expert.
Coupon Codes, also known as coupons, promotional codes, e-coupons, money off coupons and discount codes are offers provided by online retailers to give you added discounts on your online shopping. eCouponsinfo.in is your one-stop source for all the various discount coupon codes.
It is very easy to use the Coupon codes. If coupon code has been provided, click through the coupon link to make your purchase and then during checkout, enter the coupon code in the appropriate field and the discount specified on the coupon should be assessed and deducted from your bill. Always check the itemized list of your bill to make sure the discount was taken before you make the final purchase. If the coupon code is NOT mentioned, simply click through the coupon link and the discount will appear in your shopping cart.
Absolutely! The codes compiled here can be used by most anyone. Some discounts or promotional coupons come with certain terms and conditions which would generally be listed on our site or on the merchant site.
The coupons can often be short term offers and merchants retain the right to pull off the offer even before the expiry date listed. If there are any such coupons listed here that come to your attention, please inform us so that we can update it accordingly to avoid further confusion to other shoppers. Please do make sure that you are receiving the indicated discount before you place your final order.
We update the discount coupons daily. Whenever new codes are available we would publish them. If you come across any new coupons that are not listed, please send it to us and we would publish it after verification. Be sure to mention the merchant name, discount offer, coupon code if any and expiry date if any. By devoting a minute of your time to send us the discount coupon code, you can be helping thousands of other co-shoppers save some money on their online purchases.
This Coupons FAQ is subject to change by eCouponsinfo at any time. As modifications are necessary, we will update the online policy statement. If you have comments, questions or suggestions, please contact us.