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Dads are the best.

Dads are the best.


Why did God give us a Father if he already gave us a Mother? It's said that God could not always be with you so he made a Mother. But if a Mother was sufficient then why a Father?

Maybe God knew that the child needs a strong shoulder to rely on, a superman without his cape to protect his child from every hurdle, a hulk who will pull the sledge and safeguard his child during his bicycle ride. Your father is the epitome of strength for you, a guiding star who guides you to the right path.

'Father', this word itself is next to God because after all, the Almighty is also called 'God-Father', and this is the reason that we worship and respect our father like we do for God. He is the moral strength and the strongest pillar of the family, just as your mother, and plays an important role in your family.

And there is a Father who always sacrifices his wishes for his children, says "No" for any personal gifts to him, says "he is full and not feeling hungry" when we offer chocolates or his favorite food items so that his children can have more portions! He is the one who never shows that he is under stress or tired or even sick! He takes all the beating and blame for failures and gives the credit of success to his children.

So this year on Father's day, let us recognize his qualities and sacrifices by gifting him the best one could think of in the following manners. You've still got time on your hands to check out our Fathers-Day special gift offers and grab the best gift for your best Hero.

Unique gift ideas for Fathers Day:

  • Busy Bee Dad: Plan a surprise movie or a dinner treat to his favorite restaurant and spend quality time with him apart from his regular schedule.

  • Fitness Freak Dads: Gift him a pack of health supplements & proteins, a smart watch or running shoes from Nike, Adidas or Reebok.

  • Music Lover Father: Gift them the new trending Amazon Echo, Bluetooth headphones or speakers.

  • Fashionholic Daddy: Gift him a classic watch, cool sunglasses, leather belt, cufflinks or grooming kits.

  • Tech Savvy Dad: Gifting a power bank, headphones or storage devices will make his day.

If not all these, then a simple hand written thank you card along with chocolates and an album of your old pictures with him is something your father will surely adore. Express your undying love for your super hero and make him feel like a child while you be his parent and let the memory last long.

Wishing the best Father's Day to all the Dads!