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Friend! The Best Gift Anyone Can Have in Life

Friend! The Best Gift Anyone Can Have in Life


A person can be very popular or super star and is always surrounded by crowd wherever he or she goes anywhere but still be lonely, sad and depressed!! And he can be so happy, feel complete within himself even though he is alone. How?

The answer is "friend". A true friend in anyones life!

You need only one good friend in an entire life to make difference in any situation. A friend who can understand you in every situation, who can accept you the way you are. A friend who likes you, shares with you, accepts you, laughs with you, cries with you, helps you and is with you all the time.

Still he is not exactly same as you, he is different than you & even he is different than others.


He is not sitting with you but he is still with you.

He is not visible but you can always see him.

His mobile network is out of range but your mind/heart can still talk to him.

He has all the worries, problems, challenges in the world to face but he can keep them aside when you are with him.

He is the richest person in the world but he is still the same school pal for you.

He is the busiest person in the world but he has all the time for you.

And then...

You are not a good dancer but he still loves your every step

Your hand-writing is very bad but he still understands every sentence.

You are sure to loose the game but he still cheers you up.

You forgot to wish him on his anniversary but he still forgives you.

You have problems but he is there to find solutions.

You fight with him he still calls you next day.

You are thousands of miles away but his presence is still felt.

Friendship has no age bar, no color bar, no gender bar, no status bar or no geographical boundaries. But then even Birds and animals can be your loyal friends. And then you have 2 nations as best friends.

The best gift anyone can have in the life is to have a friend in life, a best friend.

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The day to appreciate your best bonding.