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Holi - Colours of Relationships

Holi - Colours of Relationships


India has its culture deep rooted in villages. It is from there that the customs, heritage and philosophy of our nation is born. The story of Holi is known to every generation as it is celebrated by people of every age, in every region of the nation. The word "Holi" brings to mind the picture of colours, dances, music, teasing, sharing and celebration. This has been observed over the centuries where people forget their differences, quarrels, fights and come together to start a fresh relationship. Holi is celebrated in the open, fresh air and not in closed rooms. The message is clear: everyone can join in, no invitation and no relation to each other is required!

Holi gives us an an opportunity to enlarge our family, bring togetherness and reduce the modern day worries brought by daily commitments and challenges. The current fast paced lifestyle also needs a pause! A pause designed to rejuvenate oneself from our monotonous lifestyles. The best way to do this is to share and indulge in gift giving.

We at eCouponsinfo India believe that every relation needs to be strengthened and it needs to be taken care of as every colour of Holi speaks of an expression we share. Red is the color of energy & passion. Pink signifies romance, love, and friendship. Orange represents enthusiasm, fascination & happiness. Yellow is the color of sun & shine, Its associated with joy, happiness and energy. Green is the color of nature, It symbolizes growth, harmony & freshness. Blue symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven. Purple is associated with royalty, It symbolizes power, nobility, luxury, and ambition.

We are here to spread some colour and some brightness in your lives, this Holi. While you smear a bit of blue and red packets of rang on your near and dear ones on Holi morning, why not surprise them later in the day, with a specially picked Gift?? And make your relation more solid more deep!

This festive season, with the help of our special Holi offers, discount coupons, promo codes & hot deals, you can brighten up anybody's day, with any of these items:-

1) Apparel: New clothes can put a big smile on just about every face! Since Holi celebrates the spirit of freshness, gifting your wife or your children some new clothes, would be the perfect idea!

2) Gadgets: For those of you who know any gadget-freaks, you can probably gift them something like a Kindle or a tablet for them to do what they love.

3) Jewellery: Gifting jewellery never goes out of season. Besides, this is one of the best ways to bring in the spirit of bringing home something bright, sparkling and promising.

4) Personalized Gifts: Why not think different? By giving someone a personalized gift, you convey to them that they are special. Just like the different kinds of colours that people use to celebrate Holi, customized gifts come in different forms too! There is one to suit every taste.

5) Chocolates and Sweets: Muh meetha karo is a very well-known phrase in the Hindi language. When it comes to festivals, it is completely true. Sweeten up your day with a big box of chocolates or other delicious sweets, this Holi.

There you go! With no harm done to your pocket, you can now pick anything for yourself, or for your close ones and ring in the spirit of Holi! Its time to go the extra mile and make someone else happy. So go ahead and make this Holi extremely special.